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A massage from Zoë is one of my favorite treats for my body and spirit.

Zoë is highly attentive to subtlety.  Her massage work is detailed and specific.  She addresses sore areas skillfully.  Her touch has a healing, loving, gentle quality to it.  

The energy she brings to her sessions is clean, refined; her massages can feel like delightful sacred rituals.  She leaves me feeling deeply relaxed and well cared for.

Massage is one of my favorite things and I'm very picky about quality.  Every massage I've had from Zoë has been absolutely wonderful!

-Tamar L., Capitola, CA

I found Ms. Kosovic to be a consummate professional. From her prompt reply to my inquiry, to accommodating my scheduling request and her arrival for my at-home massage early enough to set up and be fully prepared by the time the massage was to start, through the unique and very effective massage and even the handling of payment. 
I receive body work regularly as part of maintaining my health in the face of my personal challenges and have for many years. She adapted to those challenges and provided a massage that included techniques that were unfamiliar yet very affecting. She was gracious and present throughout, clearly focused on what would be best for me. I look forward to receiving her conscious and healing touch again and recommend her without reservations.

-James S., Santa Cruz, CA


Zoe is in a class of her own! If you are looking to deeply unwind from the normal waking beta stressed out state of mind/body that many of us operate under, you will not find a better therapist anywhere I my opinion! By adding  conscious breathing to meet her exquisite work, I found myself in the most mind-blowing deepest relaxed parasympathetic state ever from a bodywork session!  She works with a quality of conscious deliberate intention like I have never experienced anywhere! Zoe is a rare exceptional gift to the massage community! I'm so grateful for what she brings to the table!

-Paul R., San Francisco, CA


I don't even know where to start. Zoë is one of (if not THE) most thoughtful massage therapists I have ever had. No one-size-fits-all here! She asks you questions about your needs and preferences, and then really takes the time to feel where your energy is lacking, tangled, knotted or just needs some love. She'll undo knots you didn't even know you had! 

She uses many different techniques depending on what you like and what you've both determined you need. I, personally, don't like that soft stroking Swedish stuff and so I love that Zoë's hands REALLY get into my deep muscles. I have crazy tied-up traps, and Zoë always give them special attention - I don't even have to ask!

I originally went to her because we have the same name, and she completely exceeded my expectations. My birthday present to myself was an hour with Ms. Kosovic. :) I will go to her again and again and again!

You'll leave Zoë's table feeling floaty with love for your body. Do it!

-Zoë L., New York, NY


Zoë was really great, amazing even, one of the best masseuse I've ever had the privalage of knowing and being worked on by. She relieved my post-surfing and general lower back pain wonderfully, intuitively, and professionally. Next day, my pain was all gone, and I'm looking forward to surfing again instead of having to wait several days to rest/heal/repair. Wow, I'm really impressed. I most definitely highly recommend her, and I'll look forward to her healing massage and body work again in the future!

-Daniel F., Santa Cruz, CA


For the past year I had been working a desk job, sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours per day. I was also going through much personal stress. My terrible posture and the personal stress had decided to hunker down and live in my trapezius muscles. The pain in my shoulder area became too much to bear and I made an appointment with Zoe. 

My experience on Zoe's table was greater than I could have ever expected. She did a fantastic massage and reiki. Not only was she able to relieve the tension in my back and shoulders, but she had me so relaxed that as soon as she started the reiki I fell asleep. When I woke up I felt completely refreshed. If anyone mentions needing a massage hers is the first name out of my mouth. Her abilities as a body worker and the entire experience are truly as good as it gets.

-Emily M., West Hills, CA


i have been seeing Zöe as my regular massage therapist for over two years. i am a forty year old letter carrier who daily walks over ten miles a day, over 700 stairs, carrying 30+ pounds, and severly broke my pelvis 25 years ago. Zöe rehabilitates all of my many problem areas and brings my body back to life. i have had other massages as well as chiropractic work, and am blown away by the relief that my sessions with Zöe's expertise can bring. i have feeling... sensation... in places that i had blocked out for decades. i highly recommend her, most especially for people with prior injuries, scar tissue, or marathon-type physical jobs. it takes time to get to know a body, and it's life of trauma (sitting at a computer, too!), but give Zöe a few sessions and she'll learn how to fix you right up. my nerves are alive, and everything is put back where it should be!


[first review]

yesterday i had my first massage by Zoe and it was an amazing experience. i have had MANY other massages over the years but Zoe's type of massage was otherworldly. although she was slowly climbing all over me and using her full body pressure doing the massage, it was very relaxing. without really knowing ahead of time, she found each little knot and twist in my muscles and was able to correct them in a method i had not experienced by a massage therapist before.  she takes deep full breaths along with you, guiding you into a more complete relaxation.

20 years ago, my pelvis was broken and restructured.  ever since this surgery, i have felt misaligned- like one side of my body is above the other, but after this massage my two sides felt equal. finally like normal! 

i am a mail carrier, so i do a LOT of walking and carry some serious weight.  she tended to this issue as well, and explained to me afterwards what was happening inside my body. she really knows what she is doing and i would recommend her to anyone with special physical issues, chronic nagging aches and pains, people who have to sit down all day (i used to do that), or simply any human being with a body. 

i have no other way to describe her techniques except that it is a different (better) experience than the typical massage you get from a spa, that you will feel loose and new when she is finished with you, and that it is one of those things you must feel yourself to understand the greatness of.

-Jennifer C., Portland, OR


Zoe is an amazing massage therapist! My sessions with her are exquisite... some of the most rewarding I've ever experienced! Warm, friendly, conscientious & caring... Zoe offers deeply relaxing and highly therapeutic bodywork. I appreciate that she checks in about any needs or issues I may have, and tailors the flow of our session accordingly. Zoe's touch is both wise and intuitive, and she possess a range of skills and techniques which are off the charts! Plus, Zoe is an awesome person!  She shows up each moment with integrity, compassion, and a wonderfully calm & centering presence. Simply put, a massage with Zoe is a wonderful, healing & enriching experience... one that I highly recommend! Thank you Zoe!

-Michael P., Santa Cruz, CA


About ten years ago I fell down an elevator shaft and ever since then my upper and lower back have felt extremely tight and I experience back pain daily. I recently moved and, in doing so, I locked up a portion of my right shoulder and neck. The pain was intolerable.

I went to visit Zoe and she had me so relaxed I fell asleep and actually (and embarrassingly) drooled!

After the massage, I have a greater range of motion and I feel like I haven't in years. I'm already recommending her to close friends.

-Dave N., Pasadena, CA


I went to see Zoe for a massage the other day. I am a marathon runner very tight hips and calves and I have a lot of knots and pain in my back from build up stress from work. The massage was like no other one I had before. Zoe was very knowledgable about the muscle anatomy and what was going on in my body. During the massage she was able to pin point each muscle that was tight and release it. After the massage I felt like my whole body had been opened up. I highly suggest getting a massage by Zoe!

-Elizabeth A., Knoxville, TN

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